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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Machinarium Review - Zak

Machinarium is an incredible new point-and-click adventure from the czech studio Amanita Designs.

Going into this game, I was reluctant. After having a bad experience with many online flash point-and-clicks, I had no idea what to expect. But believe me, this was no flash game. The outstanding visuals and logical yet fun puzzles immersed me in the oil-filled, rusting city.

The story is decent yet intriguing enough to keep you playing, granted, a lot of it is fairly humerous, with a jolly overtone and rather 'silly' (yet logical) puzzles, yet serious moments still occur, even upsetting or creepy ones.

At points however, you will be crying for a walkthrough. A majority of the puzzles involve finding objects and making things to help you, much like many text-based games, however there is nothing more annoying then struggling with a puzzle then finding out that there was something on the floor that you missed.

However Machinarium makes up for this with an incredibly helpful hint-system. And since every-little-thing that you accomplish is so satisfying, it is still fun to look-up a walkthrough and just watch the character and scenery interact.

The visuals alone are enough to make you want this game, but when you through some of the most atmospheric music (a new soundtrack for EVERY ROOM), brilliant puzzles, some hilarious comedy, and some clever 'level'-design on top, you got one big-ass oil-flavoured wedding-cake. If you enjoy text-games, puzzle games, visual games, or even RPG games, you are bound to enjoy this. Pick it up for only £6.99 on the app. store (for computer) or buy it on their website, a great deal, considering how long the game is. My final thoughts are; poor art-team.

----   Zak

Amanita Designs' Machinarium Website

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