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Saturday, September 10, 2011

On Magic in Fantasy-Philip

Most Fantasy has Magic. But then, when there is too much Magic, the book becomes hard to read and hard to take seriously. 

But if there is just a spot of Magic, (and if the rest of the story is good), then the book should be really good. Of course there are some exceptions. There are books that have such bad characters or some that just aren't written well. But that's the same in any genre.

If you're thinking about the Lord of the Rings (from now on LOTR) having magic, then you're wrong. Neither Gandalf nor anyone else use magic. All of their supernatural abilities are given by the Ainur, or Gods. Let's just say that Gandalf is a divine class not arcane. In fact, Gandalf himself is a demi-God. He came from the west to keep an eye on Sauron. 

So when you're looking for fantasy. Don't go for the book with millions of spells and powers that the arcane know. Go for something simple, but enjoyable. Happy Reading!

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